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Fur is mean.

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It looks like the SFF Homepage got purged.  The old discussions are still there.  Just go to the "Discuss List - Edit" menu and you should see everything.  You might need to go to your inbox and select "View in Duscussion" to open it.  Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.  You know how it is with these new fangled interwebs contraptions.

Get off my lawn!

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Good Morning Folks,

Just an odd thought I've been thinking about in the last few days.

My enjoyment of a movie or TV Show or Movie seems to have a very closely linked to how good the music is.

I look at my favorites and they've all got good musical scores.

"Star Trek" (TOS) had a really good series of scores. The Animated version had a decent one too.
"Jonny Quest" had an excellent score, as did "Star Wars."

A good musical score can even make an iffy show fun as John Williams did with "Lost in Space". "Starblazers" was pretty iffy with WWII battleships in space, but the music made it fun!

"Battlestar Galactica" and "Buck Rogers" both had pretty darn good music, and it made up for a lot.
Even John Williams scores to "Gilligan's Island" were good goofy fun music. And of course Henry Mancini's scores covered everything ...
4/19/2021 10:42:12 PM by AuthorTPaul

Well, 'The Humpty-hump' being danced to by a bird.  Sue me.

4/19/2021 10:40:12 PM by AuthorTPaul

I found this on my YT homepage a couple of days ago.

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Sorry, I'm late!  I had to rush to work this morning!

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