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Even if you haven't seen this film, you've probably seen it.  It was the basis for the
genre parody 'Airplane!'.  You know, the reason why you can't say 'Surely you can't be
serious!' without someone replying 'Don't call me 'Shirley.'

No matter what else you can say about the film, you can't say it was science fiction.
So, why am I posting this?  Two reasons:  first, the plot was heavily borrowed from for
the film 'Alien' (1979).  Ripley was challenged by a crew of misfits rather than a
traumatic war history, true.  'Airplane!' copied the story of 'Zero Hour' more
faithfully but less in tone.

Secondly, I use the Ted Stryker dynamic in my writings.  You'll have to take my word
for ...

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In this episode, we discuss the history of the saving throw. This includes it's origins as well as the radical changes the concept has undergone in recent years.